Welcome to the Southern Recipes Grill where home cooking is a tradition.

Please look at our wonderful menu. We have daily lunch specials and Happy Hour everyday, but Sunday. We even serve breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. When you come to visit, please make sure to check out our Viking Room. It’s a great place for your next celebration dinner or a large family meal. Reservations are available. Simply call or fill out our contact form for more information. If you’ve never visited, please come by. We promise you’ll have a great time with even greater food. If you have visited, then we look forward to seeing you again. Few things are as enjoyable as visiting old friends.

Welcome to the Southern Recipes Grill where home cooking is a tradition.
Call 817-469-9878 for reservations or call-in orders.

Lauren M.

Thing I love most about this place is that along with the home-cooking entrees, every meal comes with soup or salad and two sides. Typically you’ll find there’s some sort of up charge for a dinner salad, or an extra veggie, but not here. Came home and told hubby we’d be going back!

Shaun S.

Welcoming and friendly staff. If you want top notch service please ask for waitress Dilveen… pancakes were delicious, fluffy eggs and chicken fried steak tasted great… this place is a gem… spicy Bloody Mary was delicious…

Kenith F.

Very friendly staff, great home cooked style meals that were more affordable than expected! I will definitely be coming back to this place!

2715 N Collins St, Arlington, TX 76006, USA

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